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Meet our 2016 RUNSIMPLE Team


IG - @vnjendaya

Vanj is a busy mom with one lovely daughter. She holds a corporate job yet she is still able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“That’s something I want to share. Being busy is just a lame excuse. We can all find time to be fit and healthy.”

Before running, she has been going to the gym and regularly playing tennis and bowling. She joined her first race at a Globe fun run in 2010. Six years after, she has already finished a couple of marathons, an ultramarathon, triathlons from sprint to Ironman 70.3 and a full Ironman in Malaysia in 2014. She considers it her most memorable race todate.

“I want to finish another Ironman this year.”

Training for a full Ironman is not easy; it will take too much of your time.  For a busy working mom, balancing them is already an achievement in itself.  Oh, Did we tell you that Vanj is also a consistent podium finisher in her age group?

I learned about  Simple Hydration thru Facebook; my first impression is it is “Simple” J.  I like it because it’s light and easy to use. I use it when I’m running (train or race)e.

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