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Meet our 2016 RUNSIMPLE Team



Twitter: @xtineferrera


Running for me is always about beating myself. Whether it is your first mile or your nth mile on your feet, you always have to outrun that voice in your head that tells you to stop. There are days when it is easy (I love running!) yet there are days when it is hard. Perhaps, that is why I got lured to running longer distances; distances beyond what I think my body can take. When your mind, your body, your heart, is telling you to stop, you have to fight it! And that is when you end up winning; you become a better person than when you just started.

Tin has tried playing all sports but never really stick to any sports until she joined her first 5k race in 2008 (on a whim). She started joining 10K in May 2009, 21K in July 2009 and her first full marathon in February 2010 at Condura all born out of curiousity and peer pressure.   Before I registered to races because I was assigned to handle registration for my friends so might as well join the same distance. Then I started enjoying being out there. I found joy in discovering how far I can still go; hence, I started joining road ultramarathons from 50Ks to 200Ks.

Tin said she considers each race significant, whatever the outcome is. Finishing is satisfying. Winning is rewarding. It felt good to reap the rewards of training hard. But your perseverance is what matters, whether you came first or last, whether you crossed the finish line or not, whether you get the rewards or not.

She plans to do more races this year after almost two years on hiatus. Hopefully, I get to finish CM50 by the end November, It’s been a goal race since it started. I actually want to race Cardimax-Clark Ultramarathon but I am busy working on it. ”

WHY I RUNSIMPLE:  I first saw Simple Hydration bottle while on search online for a bottle that I can use to carry my race nutrition. I sent a message to Brian Hock, got it and I knew "I need it and WE NEED IT here;  the rest is history. Simple Hydration got to the Philippines in 2012.

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