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Sandi has finished the 50K Category of TNF100 twice which landed her in the podium for both.  “I felt ready to do the 100 this year, that’s why I joined.”, she shared. 

TRAINING: TNF100 2016 is her longest trail race.  We asked her how she prepared for it. Two weeks before this race, she just won the Old Spanish Trail 50K held in the Cordillera Region also.  Other than that, she just did long hike/walk of the course twice and her secret recipe was.

Photo Creits; Mountain Stride

Photo Credits: Mountain Stride

Pahabol na weights and mostly swimming. I actually wasn't 100% or even 90% prepared, I didn’t want to stress too much on it din kasi.

THE RACE:  For more than 17 hours, Sandi had her high and low points.  She shared what challenges she fought with and what kept her going to a victorious finish.

The race had a lot of low points, I would say. I guess number one on things I learned is to prepare my things as early as Monday to get as much rest as I can before race day. I didn't get enough sleep either, hours before gunstart. As early as AS3 i had thoughts of DNF-ing😄  kasi ang bigat ng pakiramdam ko dahil walang tamang pahinga at tulog. After I changed and ate and hydrated there, I felt good to go again😊 towards camp1, the heat was rising. I was good at that point cause I achieved my target time for half the race. I changed again ate again hydrated again there, got my trekking poles for the 2nd half of the race, and left that aid station a bit past 10am. After aboutt another 2 hours, after Ligay Rd., I couldn't bend my right knee (To tnf100ph: less road please).   I tried fighting it, ignoring it, running with it, but the pain was undeniable. For those remaining kilometers, I went back and forth several times on deciding whether i would DNF or keep going. All I could do was walk and hop and my poles worked as my legs.

At AS3, approximately finishing 75% of the race, I was able to ice my knee and there I made up my mind to finish my first 100, by hook or by crook. I talked a lot to myself saying "kaya mo yan" "yung bulag nilalabanan disability nila kaya ikaw din kayanin mo" "yung iba may paralympics pa" mga ganon ganon.  It rained hard and got dark.

My friends told me some of them were already so eagerly waiting at the finish and that gave me more energyIt  also helped that fellow runners and familiar faces were in some aid stations who encouraged me and cheered me on😊 Of course like in many of my races, seeing and hearing everyone at the finish line, makakalimutan mo sandali yung sakit at yung pagod😊❤

WHAT I LEARNED:  For a first timer in the century distance, Sandi said it is the mental battle that is most challenging.

I learned mostly about fighting voices in my head telling me not to go on anymore. Mind over matter, as they say. And a lot as well about how to use those trekking poles😄😄😄


I have no concrete plan yet but i look forward to joining international races😉

CONGRATULATIONS SANDI!  Keep running and inspiring us!

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