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Meet our 2016 RUNSIMPLE Team




I find running fun but more importantly, I find it an indispensable activity that vastly contributes to my total well-being and being essentially a happy person. Balancing work, family and having a hobby can be challenging but running fits perfectly in everything I do. I can apply to life what I learn in the years that I’ve been running and vice versa. There are so many benefits in running that I can also apply to my work and family activities. Being a competitive language consultant and teacher in school and at work, I find comfort in that fact that at 43 years old now, I can keep up with most of my students and friends who are younger (some half my age!).

I’m a late bloomer in the field of running. I only started training and joining races in 2008 when I was 35 years old at Subic Marathon in 2008 where I ran 10K. Before that, I used to play non-competitive basketball and tennis.

Qualifying for Milo Marathon is always significant for me, especially in 2014 Milo National Finals where I did set my best time for 42K.   He has been recognized in 2013 as the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners' Ultrarunner of the Year, Champion 2013 Bataan Death March 100 miles, and has finished in the top of races of 50,100, 160, 200 and 250 km distances.

Despite all his achievements, Alfred still aims to work on improving his 21k and 42k personal best and hopes he can continue to run injury-free.

WHY I RUNSIMPLE: I first saw the Simple Hydration bottle in photos and ads with Tin Ferrera; I thought it looks easy to use and handy. When I used it, it fits perfectly to simplicity when I run and is very versatile. I use it during training runs and in my most recent marathon finish in Condura Skyway Marathon. It’s very useful because I simply refill the bottle and drink water from it whenever I need it and since it fits easily in my waist band, hydration is readily available whenever I need it.

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