We carry products which helps runners or any athlete to keep their focus on their training.


    How It Works


    The 13 oz. Simple Hydration bottle has no hand strap or carrier attached which is easy to see from its design. The unique shape of this bottle allows it to fit snugly and securely in the waistband of your running shorts or race belt.


    The tapered design allows the bottle to ride comfortably whether it is worn on the front, side, or lower back while the wide-mouth cap allows it to be filled and cleaned easily.


    It has a lip and a grip which secures the bottle for a comfortable, bounce-free run.

    The top has a lip that hooks over the edge of wherever you’ve placed it. The bottle does not move nor does it pull your shorts down. There’s no risk of accidental running mooning.


    The side has a grip which, together with the hook makes it rest comfortably and easily in your hand should you choose to run and carry or drink while running.

    It is safe.

    The bottle is BPA Free and made of LDPE material. It is made and manufactured in the US and FDA approved.

    It has a wide mouth holster cap for easy filling and cleaning

    It has a 53 mm mouth holster which makes it easy to refill and clean.



    It has mouth spout that allows full flow of water

    It has a mechanism that delivers full flow with just a soft bite on the mouth-piece. It doesn’t leak even under pressure or with prolonged use.



    It has a contoured shape for a great fit.


    The bottle is slim and contoured to fit the curve of your lower back. It is designed to slip into a pocket, the waistband of your running shorts or tights or the band of a race belt, OR YOUR NAPE

    It has the perfect size at 13 ounce.

    The bottle can hold 13 ounce of liquid which is enough for most training runs and mid-distance races. CARRY IT WITH YOUR HANDS THROUGHOUT AND IT WON'T BOTHER.  TUCK IT ANYWHERE AND RUN FREE. For longer distance, runner can use two bottles and keep it on the left and right side of their shorts or belt or AT OnE ON YOUR NAPE TUCKED IN YOUR SHORTS OR SPORTS BRA.


    It let's you RUN SIMPLE.